Crying to meet neighbors, confessing to being beaten, suddenly the 70-year-old grandmother lay lifeless

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Suparti did not think that Romsih’s (70) grandmother, who met her crying, suddenly died in front of her house.

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Neighbors suspected that Grandma Romsih was a victim of persecution. The perpetrator is thought to be his own son, namely Mustari alias Basyir (35).

At first, Romsih, a resident of RT 5 / RW 1 in Bengkelo Hamlet, Banyuurip Village, Ngampel District, Kendal Regency, came rushing over and crying to his neighbor’s house, Suparti.

According to Suparti, the incident of Romsih’s death is estimated at 09.00.

At that time, Suparti was at her house which was located behind the victim’s house.

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He, who was busy preparing for Eid, was shocked by the arrival of the victim crying.

The victim had complained to Suparti that her head hurt when she was beaten by the child.

Then the victim was found on his knees and died.

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Residents see the condition of Romsih’s grandmother’s house who lives in Bengkelo Hamlet, Banyuurip Village, Ngampel District, Kendal Regency. Grandma Romsih was found dead in the residents’ yard, Wednesday (12/5/2021).

“The mother just bought anything from the shop to enter the house. Then she came out crying and said that her head was hit by Basyir (the victim’s child).”

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