Died during the Eid al-Fitr sermon, residents expressed the kindness of Ustaz Junioro, many lost

ilustrasi jenazah 20181021 135941

ilustrasi jenazah 20181021 135941

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KLATEN – Juriono (57), died during the Eid sermon in front of the Dalangan Hamlet congregation, Ngemplak Village, Kalikotes, Klaten Regency, Central Java, Thursday (13/5/2021) morning.

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The figure of a teacher and ustaz who is registered as a resident of Belang Wetan, Klaten Utara District, is quite respected in the area where he lives.

Many feel sad and confused knowing that Ustaz Junioro has died forever.

It is known that Juriono died while carrying out his duties as preacher of the Eid prayer.

He suddenly fell while delivering his sermon.

Sudirin, Juriono’s neighbor, explained that the teacher’s life could not be saved even though he had tried to be rushed to the Klaten Hospital.

“It turned out that when he was taken to the hospital he had died,” he explained.

The deceased was then buried in Sraten Tomb, Belangwetan, Klaten Utara, Klaten.

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Known Generous

The late Juriono was known as a generous man.

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