Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage

Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage

Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage is a one-pager blogger theme and it is specially designed for the business, It has the latest generation of blogger framework and has the SEO and Adsense friendly codes in it so you can get good search rankings on all search engines like Firefox, Opera Mini, and Chrome.

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Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage, As well as by the AdSense friendly code you will get zero problems on displaying ads on this theme. Ommi is fully flexible and responsive in all types of devices like mobile, pc, laptop, etc. As it has a good loading speed.

By using Ommi you can easily develop your one-page business website in a few simple steps.

What is a blogger?

Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage
Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage

Blogger is a free blogging platform acquired by Google in February 2003. It is a similar platform to youtube and Gmail for bloggers and content creators online.

Ommi Blogger Template Landingpage, It is the oldest and one of the best blogging platforms for free. Let’s learn the advantages and disadvantages of the blogger and should you choose a blogger in 2020 or not.

Advantages of the blogger.

Here is a quick overview of the advantages of the blogger.

  1. Free SSL certificate.
  2. Free web hosting both fast and secure.
  3. Good uptime of the website.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. Easy to integrate Google services.
  6. Free storage of website.
  7. Faster index of blog and website on google.
  8. Easy to set up and get started.
  9. No unnecessary ads display on your blog theme.

Let’s learn them in detail,

Free SSL certificate for your blog/website.

  • Look,
  • This one is a pretty important thing for any website or blog to have.
  • Secure Socket Layer[SSL] certificate helps people to enter their important details like
  • It happens as a process of encrypting the information in form of secret code that actually hides the real information. The SSL certificate is offered for free by many hosting providers like Bluehost.
  • Interestingly, Blogger provides an SSL certificate for free.
  • If not you would have to spend at least 500 INR for an SSL certificate.
  • Look, this SSL certificate is a huge factor when it comes to the safety and security of people’s data on the website and if your website has some transactions happening, like purchasing an ebook or a course, having SSL is a must.

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