PKS Politicians Value Much Lots If the Government Merges BPPT



TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – A member of Commission VII DPR RI from the PKS Faction, Mulyanto, estimates that the incorporation of the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) into the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) will be detrimental to the government.

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Because in general, after being merged later, the function of the BPPT will shrink just to become the R & D Implementing Organization (OPL).

R & D is referred to as research, development, assessment and application.

It is feared that the reduced role will cause a decline in the performance of the current national engineering and technology services.

“Naturally, the development of research institutions should follow the dynamics of science and technology development, in the form of specializations that are getting sharper every day; concentrating on institutional specialization and autonomy,” Mulyanto told reporters, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

“This development transcends disciplines, branches and clusters of knowledge. From specialists to sub-specialists, even special groups. Then there is the merger of pilot groups into new sub-specialists and so on,” he added.

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Mulyanto added that these research institutions were directed to concentrate on their fields from the aspects of human resources and funding.

Then with the autonomy they have, they confidently explore their world to strengthen their competences.

“That is what happens in research institutions in Japan, South Korea and in Western European countries. In these countries institutional specialization is applied, not the other way around the merger or fusion at the Agency or research institute level, which is more administrative-bureaucratic in nature. the reason for the efficiency of the research budget, “said Mulyanto.

The former Secretary of the Ministry of Research and Technology explained that in its development, BPPT has an autonomous development pattern and produces new competencies.

Author: Vincentius Jyestha Candraditya

Editor: Theresia Felisiani

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